How to use Actoler drops?

Apply 1-3 drops on the outside of the ear and gently massage the area in front of the ear and down towards the neck. If irritation or congestion still persists, try applying 1-2 drops of Actoler to a small wad of cotton and gently insert partially into the ear, then gently apply 1 drop of Actoler to the area in front of the ear.

For an alternative method

Tilt head sideways and apply 1-2 drops into the ear 2 times a day or as needed. Keep head tilted for at least 2 minutes after application or gently place a cotton in ear to keep drops in. Slightly warm the oil before application by sealing the bottle in a zip lock bag and immersing it in warm water.

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Most effective cleaning

Natural formula

Each essential oil included in a blend from plant therapy goes through multiple rounds of testing including organoleptic testing.

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is an oily substance produced to protect the eardrum. The amount of wax produced varies from person to person, but a build-up of ear wax can lead to partial hearing issues.

Gently softens

Actoler drops are natural moisturizer which gently softens and helps to remove ear wax. Relieves itchy, irritated ear canals. Just a few drops, enough to get to the ear drum, is enough.

When to use?

The best time to use Actoler is right before bed. Actoler is a carefully selected blend of plant extracts that provides fast relief for irritated, itching ears while providing the nutrients your ear needs to restore and maintain tissue.

Features and benefits

Actoler ear drops are natural, so they work by dissolving ear wax rather than softening it. Supports middle ear care. Cleanses and comforts. Soothing blend, reduce ear discomfort. Extracted into certified organic cold-pressed ingredients. Each herb individually extracted to ensure a broad spectrum of plant compounds.

That’s why we developed Actoler drops with organic essential oil ear drops to help you safely and naturally remove this waxy build-up to help relieve discomfort and give you back a little sound clarity. And using it is quick and easy! Simply tilt your affect ear upwards, drop in 2-3 drops of our olive oil, wait five minutes, and then repeat morning and night for up to 7 days. This will help slowly remove the wax without damaging your skin or impacting your hearing for fast, safe, and effective support. Formulated for associated symptoms such as ear discharge, dryness, itching, hearing difficulties and excess wax accumulation. Earaches can be uncomfortable for any adults. Whether they are from swimmer's ear, colds, or allergies, the symptoms can cause real issues. The discomfort can make you feel off kilter, sensitive to every sound, and keep you from doing the things you love. Actoler ear drops work quickly to relieve pain associated with earache symptoms.

Product details

Remove wax build up

These advanced, all-natural olive oil ear drops can help slowly breakdown the wax in the outer area to relieve the hearing, irritation and discomfort.

Relieve uncomfortable earaches

A smart choice over standard ear infection drops, our olive oil is designed to help loose up and remove wax before it leads to earaches.

Natural, herbal oil

Sourced from naturally-grown olive oil, our ear relief drops are gentle on sensitive skin, feature a subtle fragrance, and won’t damage your inner ear.

Unbeatable brand support

Every bottle of ear wax removal drops is backed by superior purity, responsive customer service and a trusted guarantee you can rely on.